Sunday, November 13, 2011

POEA Employment Agencies and how and where to find them

POEA Employment Agencies Center
It is a favored search these days for people, primarily Filipinos and Overseas Filipino Workers looking to work in other countries to first go locate existing POEA employment companies. By using this method, it is definitely wise to see the best suited job by seeking what possible choices are open for application to the duly registered and licensed recruiting companies. If you have the same aim as what I have specified above, then you surely could benefit from this quick tip.

Guide in Finding the Right Employment Agency

To find the leading recruitment agency, you don’t have to go after the job positions they offer, you need to understand extremely if that company is appropriately registered by the concerned institution. In the matter of Pinoys wanting to find overseas jobs, it’s the Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). Another acceptable resource in knowing recruitment agencies and at the same time a incredibly good resource for this is the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

How to Check if your Agency is Accredited or Licensed

I am aware a particular way to confirm which agency is duly licensed and accredited in the Philippines and that is through POEA as I’ve listed above as one of the authoritative resources for employment and people seeking one abroad. To verify if the agency you are submitting a resume for overseas job is reliable, you would either have to go to the authorized online website and enter the agency title (this is case sensitive) (capital letters should be capitalized while lower case letters should be small).

To be able to know another way to check if a recruitment agency is duly licensed, you will have to go find it online. Try using Jobstreet.Com with the POEA extension in the URL or website link. Here is where you may choose to utilize the scour box to find out if a company is found on their listing for POEA jobs. Alongside each of their real job listing is the permit validity or duration. In cases where a licence is long overdue, it will quite likely not have a job listing offer in Jobstreet.Com.

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