Saturday, November 3, 2012

POEA Jobs Viral Video Now Out in YouTube!

Yes and finally, as our team of marketing experiment geeks try it out to promote our website, we were surprised to find out that there is already one made especially for Filipinos whether they are nurses, construction and building jobs enthusiasts and skilled labor practitioners, caregivers, traffic enforcers... Yes, this YouTube video doesn't really care about who or where in the field you currently belong to.

Well, that is because this one nice (shaky) POEA Jobs viral video has already been launched out for you to take advantage.
Just trying it out if this one will work for the traffic generation scheme experiment that we are trying to make viral for the site to earn more visitors.

With this viral video, we hope that the team could come up with some data to pool and use to present to other members of the site to see if there indeed is a source we could possibly tap in to and make ROI possible even without any other source of income but link text from InfoL. Please watch the YouTube video below.

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